My route has started in the year of 1980 and as much as I would love to say it’s been easy and smooth ride all the way, it wasn’t. However, it is the bumpy road that has led me to the horizons I have always seen as unreachable and unattainable…and I am happy to say, there is still lots beauty to see, feel and experience ahead!


I have never quite understood the reality that was being introduced to me in my early age. The reality full of judgements, expectations, fears and doubts. The whole concept didn’t fit into what my perception and intention was and at times it was leaving me confused and disappointed. As the years went on, I have somehow grew custom to this way of living, but some deeper knowing inside of me was telling me, “this is not living, this is surviving”.


So there I was. A kid, youngster, young adult, who knows there is more to life, but somehow unable to reach for it. Clues and nudges as to how to lift up this beautiful earthly experience were coming from all possible directions, some sweet and dandy, some tough and painful. And as it goes with us humans, for some peculiar reason, we mostly learn the best the hard way…including me.


So again, there I am…’enjoying’ my unconscious life in the year of 2016, when everything that was precious to me, started falling apart. The final kick in a butt, a wake up call, came year later, when my reality ceased to exist. My family, health, business, relationships, all in flames. I was at the brink of a suicide, broken, completely helpless. I fell into a victim mode straightaway, blaming everything and everyone around me. Little I knew, that this particular experience has been the greatest blessing of my life. That realisation came fairly soon after, when I looked deep inside and found my essence, completely unharmed, shiny and infinite. It was then, when I finally and fully connected with my soul on very profound level. All of a sudden there was no bad, not even good, no right or wrong…all that remained was peace, love and compassion…as well as unshakable knowing that everything is possible and that I have all the power I need to change and direct my life in any way I desire.


I wish I could say that all this manifested over a good night sleep, but instead it was my inner work by reading books, meditating, participating on various seminars and workshops, going through different healings, and learning new skills. But most of all it was the people I’ve met along the way, the inspiration and encouragement I’ve received is priceless. I am and will forever be grateful for every single one of those who showed me that the real power is always with me, within me.


Thank you! Namaste


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